Brighten Up Your World with Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to your landscape and home can have an excellent effect. The outdoor light systems we use are high quality with a variety of options that will bring your location alive in the evening hours. For our larger systems we employee licensed electricians to handle to power needs while we work to install the lighting based on a design we develop with you. We have a great deal of experience with outdoor lighting systems and we are sure we can brighten up your environment.

Outdoor Lighting Systems

Illuminating the exterior of your home or office offers a great deal of design choices. Adding lighting allows us to create colorful exposures of the various facades. We can light up areas of your landscape such as plant clusters, walkways, fountains, and pools. The outdoor lighting systems we install are versatile and are built with quality components. We can include and automatic timer to turn on or shut off your outdoor lights when you want.


Benefits of outdoor lighting

Aside from the beauty aspects of outdoor lighting, one of the main advantages is security. Having your home or office lighted at night makes it an unlikely choice for thieves or vandals. A well lit environment can increase the safety for your family members as they make their way in and out of the home. Another benefit is of course the appearance. Lighting always accents whatever it is shinning on and we use a variety of lighting options to make various parts of your home stand out with a beautiful visual appearance.


Outdoor Lighting styles 

Positioning of lights is crucial for effect. We use up-lighting, down lighting, silhouetting, accent lighting, and other positions to create an overall lighting design. Each light type offers design benefits that will brighten and area or add shadow elements to other areas. In office buildings we use lighting to increase the appeal to often bland, flat exteriors by directing colorful lights toward edges and down lighting toward foliage areas. We can also add outdoor lighting to trees surrounding office buildings for a cost effective security feature.


Outdoor lighting colors

The coloring of the outdoor lights are chosen to emphasize various parts of the facade and the landscaping. In some cases a single color is used throughout and in others, multiple colors are used to draw attention to different areas. We sometimes use a white glow with landscaping and tan color towards the facade of the building to better blend with exterior earth tone colors. In some cases brilliant colors are used to drape a facade with a festive look. Our outdoor lighting color choices are limitless.



Moonlighting is the placement of outdoor lights in trees to give the effect of moonlight beaming through them. This is a subtle effect that expands the light out from your home in a wider degree, illuminating areas of interest. The lights in the trees give off a soft glow and the leaves tend to shine and flicker making for a unique effect.


Path Lighting and Cross lighting

Outdoor lights beside walkways and around patios and decks help people see but they also add interest to areas that are built to be seen. We direct the light to add depth to a walkway by producing shadows along the steps for a clearer representation of their design. Cross lighting increases the brightness across decks and patios to display the entire area with shadows below to add a defined line. Cross lighting also works well to display the ins and outs of building facades.


Outdoor Light Quality

We only install lighting systems we know are reliable and reasonably priced. Our lighting systems include electrical connections that will not overwhelm the electrical system of your home. For more advanced installations we have our electrician install additional service breakers to handle to additional energy needs required to safely run the lighting system we install for you. With electrical components we always design with safety in mind.




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