Sprinkler System Installations for worry free maintenance

Part of keeping your landscaping healthy is timely watering. Our custom irrigation systems will make life easily for you by doing all the hard work without you. Reliable timers and quality sprinkler heads will water your lawn, your plant life, and your trees consistently with just the right amount of water... at the right time. We set it all up for you and show you how to manage the system and of course we are always available for help when you need it.

Sprinkler System Installations

Oasis landscaping service also offers professional sprinkler system installations. Our installation process insures you that your yard and home will not be damaged. We replace the sod over the new lines and we make sure the plant life is not damaged. We utilize quality sprinkler heads that operate properly and last longer to make sure your system will last for many years. Our process of installing your sprinkler system is built around responsible implementation so our customers know that the job will be done correctly and professionally.


Drip Irrigation and Fertilizer Systems

We can install irrigation systems that will feed water to your lawn through a drip method. In some cases this is needed to keep water spray down and reduce the possibility of frozen water puddles or to prevent spray damage to fences or other elements. A drip system insures a water supply to plants and foliage that helps when the summer sun wants to dry them up. Some of our irrigation products can deliver fertilizer on timed intervals to help strengthen your lawn by applying the correct amount of fertilizer without affecting other plants or animals.


Sprinkler and Irrigation System Controllers / Timers

We install and maintain professional quality sprinkler controllers that have timers to automatically come on when watering is needed. The units we install are the latest in design quality and they carry strong warranties backed by well known companies like Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, and Weathermatic. We offer standard irrigation controllers, drip controllers, and remote controlled smart controllers.


Commercial Irrigation Systems

Office complexes, malls, and outdoor venues are just a few of the commercial locations we install irrigation systems for. Providing a system that can be easily managed and maintained by the company is important. We design the irrigation system around performance and ease of use and we instruct your staff on proper use of the system. Our commercial sprinkler systems are powerful and built for long term use with little maintenance.


Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance

Our team of technicians can easily repair sprinkler systems of any brand. Our personnel are educated on the working and processes of all sprinkler and irrigation system irregardless of hold old the system is. We carry replacement parts and upgradable elements to be able to solve your problem quickly. We also can provide timely maintenance to make sure your sprinkler system continue to operate for years to come, all at a reasonable price.


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