Adding Function and Beauty with Hardscape Design

Hardscaping is structural work done within the yard such as stone work, walkways, sidewalks, walls, stairs, steps, decking, patios, fireplaces, and stone cooking grills. Since a lot of the work we do is in the front or backyard, it is common for us to include work that enhances our landscaping work. We design our hardscapes to blend well with your home and exterior design. We work hard to make sure your hardscape is enjoyable for you and your family.

Stonework, walkways, stairs, and walls

The concrete used in walkways and flat-work design is common and unappealing in most cases. Oasis Landscaping offers something different, something with feeling. We utilize smooth flat stone work for solid surfaces that makes you feel like you are walking through a country ravine. Stone work adds class and elegance to any home or business while being functional. It's the natural aspect of stone walkways and stone stairs that fits perfectly with a beautiful landscape.


Stone Patios

In the past, builders would add a flat concrete patio to a home simply because the builder next to him did. These older concrete patios are the perfect place to add a stone patio. In some cases, we can utilize the existing concrete for a basis for the new stone patio to give your backyard a more exciting look that beats the old boring concrete look.


Stone Decks

We take pride in the quality of our hardscape designs. We often create complete backyard entertainment areas that include amenities such as stone deck with stone surround walls, cast stone caps, cast stone blocks, and custom outdoor lighting fixtures. A stone deck can be attached to your home or set out a ways from it. In most cases we tie in the stone walkways and stair systems for accessing your new stone deck to make it easily accessible.


Stone Fireplaces with gas fuel supply lines

Enjoying the outdoors is something you can do year round and a nice stone fireplace can add warmth to a cool evening. Our stone fireplaces are beautifully designed and professionally installed by experienced stone masons. Our designs set the chimney up high to expel the smoke well above friends and family. If you have a gas fuel supply at your home, one of our professional plumbers can run a new gas feed line to your new outdoor fireplace for instant, easy heat.


Grilling on your new stone patio

We often include electrical and gas aspects to our custom stone decks and patios so we can include features like a grill or refrigerator. A grilling area is one of our most common projects. People enjoy the outdoors and they want to entertain which always means grilling. Relax in style with a complete built in grill and outdoor cooking system in your backyard!


Pave Stone Installations

Pavers have become very popular due to their ease of installation and longevity. We provide professional installation of paver systems for driveways, walkways, flower bed surrounds, concrete edging, and pool decking. We often create intricate designs and patterns with the pavers to increase the value and visual appeal for our customers. 



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