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When a customer of ours sees the final results, we tend to hear things like: "I love it!". Which is what we want to hear. We create landscaping designs that relax you while making your home or business look beautiful. We realize our customers will be seeing our work almost everyday of their lives so we strive to create something that you will love. For us, the work we provide is an extension of our pride as well. We make sure you are satisfied with anything we do, every time. Our work speaks for itself.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design / Build

We provide our clients with professional services that include on-site consultations, full-service landscape design, installation and maintenance. Our landscape designers and production department work together to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality design and installation.

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Hardscape Design

Stonework, walkways, stairs, and walls

The concrete used in walkways and flat-work design is common and unappealing in most cases. Oasis Landscaping offers something different, something with feeling. We utilize smooth flat stone work for solid surfaces that makes you feel like you are walking through a country ravine. Stone work adds class and elegance to any home or business while being functional. It's the natural aspect of stone walkways and stone stairs that fits perfectly with a beautiful landscape.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Systems

Illuminating the exterior of your home or office offers a great deal of design choices. Adding lighting allows us to create colorful exposures of the various facades. We can light up areas of your landscape such as plant clusters, walkways, fountains, and pools. The outdoor lighting systems we install are versatile and are built with quality components. We can include and automatic timer to turn on or shut off your outdoor lights when you want.

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Sprinkler System Installations

Oasis landscaping service also offers professional sprinkler system installations. Our installation process insures you that your yard and home will not be damaged. We replace the sod over the new lines and we make sure the plant life is not damaged. We utilize quality sprinkler heads that operate properly and last longer to make sure your system will last for many years. Our process of installing your sprinkler system is built around responsible implementation so our customers know that the job will be done correctly and professionally.

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Keeping your lawn and landscape beautiful

Everyone knows that yard-work and landscaping is a very physical activity. Trying to stay on top of large yards and heavily landscaped areas can be a daunting task. We provide our customers with the maintenance work you need to keep your lawn and landscaping in good shape year round. We are capable of supplying the labor needed to resolve issues such as maintaining your lawn, removing dead plant life, cutting back old growth, cutting back trees, pruning bushes, and removing stumps. If you have a need for anything to be done to your landscape, Oasis Landscaping can help you.

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